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SHSCT: Lurgan Hospital. A location for one of the largest and most complex pilots.Project Meeting & Public Presentation, BrusselsTeam led by an Italian Research Institution made up of 14 partners from 5 European Countries

Semple & McKillop have recently been positioned at the forefront in the application and performance evaluation of new sustainable technologies. The company was part of a European wide Research & Development consortium examining the use of ICT solutions for energy savings within public buildings.

The project, EDISON (Energy Distribution Infrastructure for SSL Operative Networks), aimed to demonstrate that a DC powered smart lighting system could improve energy efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions and encourage the use of small-scale renewable energy sources in European public buildings, for example, schools, museums, administrative offices, hospitals, etc.

About the Technology
At the Centre of the EDISON solution was the radical concept of moving back to using Direct Current (DC) as a central power source for lighting systems instead of the established Alternating Current (AC) supplies which is the normal utility supply arrangement.

Our Role
On a day to day basis, Semple & McKillop acted as the Design Consultants and Project Supervisors in the deployment of EDISON solution within the 2 pilot locations in Northern Ireland.
Our design experience within the field of building services, and more specifically lighting installations and sustainable energy, was central within the consortium to develop the methodology for installation and integration of the EDISON solution.

Consortium Members
The EDISON consortium was led by an Italian Research Institution, Fondazione Ugo Bordoni. The Team was made up of 14 partners from 5 European countries including Italy, Belgium, Greece, Romania and the UK. Semple & McKillop were one of 3 UK partners along with the Southern Health and Social Care Trust (SHSCT) and TOM Ltd, a Queen’s University spin-out company.

Further Information
If you would like to find out more about EDISON please get in contact.